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Dr. Connie M. Siciliano Avila

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I became a psychologist because I sincerely believe in each person’s ability to make empowered changes to experience a more meaningful, joyful, and peaceful life. I also know that it often takes learning new ways of approaching life and support to get there.

Years ago, I attended parenting classes that had a profound impact on my family and myself. As I learned effective parenting skills and started making positive changes in my behavior and life, I was able to foster peace and tranquility within my household. Impressed with the growth that occurred within my family and myself, I began facilitating parenting classes and saw other families experience similar results. At that time, I felt compelled to return to school and complete my psychology degree that I had begun years before.

Even now, after countless years of education, advanced training, and experience working with individuals, couples, and families, I believe that this work is my calling. A supportive, collaborative, and challenging therapy experience can be life changing for people. Over the years, I’ve watched many individuals, couples, and families process and move forward from traumas. Many clients improve their relationships, make peace with their pasts, and achieve more life satisfaction.

Much of the work that I do in my practice—trauma therapy, PTSD treatment, dissociation treatment, addiction treatment, relationship counseling, couples counseling, and family counseling—centers around trauma. Trauma is prevalent in our society. As I deepened my understanding of how trauma impacts lives, I came to realize that so many of us are traumatized in some ways and might not recognize the connection to struggles in daily life.

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Left unresolved, trauma can manifest through symptoms, such as addictions, dissociation, PTSD, interpersonal relationship issues, eating disorders, anxiety, self-injury, and mood disorders among many other painful challenges. And, many people suffer for years before seeking help and getting to the root of their core issues. But, once they learn how to cultivate a heightened awareness about themselves—including their past and current experiences—they begin to change the thought and behavioral patterns that no longer serve them. They start thinking deeply about how they’re relating to others and why. They tap into inner strength. They build resiliency, compassion, and empathy for themselves and others. Essentially, they begin finding satisfaction in life rather than moving through life on autopilot or in pain.

I deeply believe in treating everyone in my life, including my clients, with love, care, dignity, and respect. I believe that there is more that connects than divides us, and once we understand that, we’re better able to relate to and connect with each other. I know therapy can spur a process of growth and healing that can be powerful and effective. I also know that the work required can be challenging at times, which is why I meet my clients where they are emotionally and cultivate a secure, trusting therapeutic relationship.

In sessions, at times, I will gently push you and encourage you to believe in yourself and your personal strength. At other times, I will hold you in a supportive and caring container—a place where you can feel safe letting go and expressing anything and everything that comes up for you. As we work in the present moment, I will point out what I notice about you, which can help you recognize patterns of thinking and behavior, build self-awareness, and gain the personal insights needed to make effective, thoughtful changes in your life.

I provide a high quality of care because I truly do care. I’m genuinely interested in people and their wellbeing. I believe that human connection, compassion, kindness, and caring matter above all else. I am flexible. I offer attentive, consistent support. I will work diligently, compassionately, and in collaboration with you to develop a therapy plan that best supports your needs and therapy goals.

I want you to know that you don’t have to try to navigate this challenging time on your own. There is help. There is always hope for healing, growth, and positive change. I invite you to call my office for a free 15-minute phone consultation. I’m happy to talk with you about your specific needs and my practice. This initial call can also help us determine if we’d be a good fit, as the cornerstone of a successful therapy experience is a trusting and safe relationship between therapist and client.

Dr. Connie Siciliano Avila, PhD, LP, LPC-S earned her Master of Arts and Doctorate degrees from the Counseling Psychology program at Texas Woman’s University. Her training and focus included diversity, GLBT, trauma, addiction, and men’s/women’s issues. Dr. Avila has experience and advanced training in disorders, such as dissociation, personality, mood, eating, addiction, anxiety, psychosis, and post-traumatic stress. She is also skilled in working with couples and families; she has training in parenting, attachment issues, and divorce. For detailed information on Dr. Avila’s education, advanced training, certifications, research, and presentations, click here.